Here is a list of answers to the most common questions. If your answer is not here, please use our Contact Us form to ask us a question.


1. Why haven’t I received my order or shipping confirmation email?
2. I change my mind about the order. What can I do?

product and sizing

1. What brand does LimitedXrun use for their shirts and why?
2. How do I figure out my size?


1. Can I purchase with my credit card securely?
2. What currency does are the prices and amounts in?

shipping and delivery

1. Do you ship to my country?
2. When do I receive my order?
3. How do I track my order?

returns and exchanges

1. What is the return and exchange policy?


1. How do I contact the LimitedXrun?
2. Who are the artists?

submitting designs

1. What types of files can I submit?
2. How do I send my files?
3. Do you have an artist agreement?
4. Can fonts cause problems?